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Upload Your Music Into An NFT!

  1. Important: Only list your name, stage name, or band name. Do not include anyone else's name (without their permission), label name, "Presents...", etc.

  2. Don't list featured artists here. Instead, put featured artists in your song titles (more info in that section, below).

  3. Capitalization: Use "Title Case". Stores will reject ALL CAPS, all-lowercase, and wEiRd caps.

  4. Don't Use Emojis Here: Streaming services do not allow them and it could mess up your release.

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  1. Don't increase the size of smaller images to make them bigger. This makes the image blurry. And stores reject blurry images.

  2. Stores will reject artwork that contains a website address (URL), Twitter name, or any image that's pixelated, rotated, or poor quality. They'll also reject artwork with prices or store logos. Also, please don't reuse the same artwork for multiple albums.

  3. You own this artwork and everything in it. Stores will reject your artwork if it contains images you found online that you don't have the explicit right to use.

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