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Get Signed With Leblloo Records

Leballoo Records is the best way for upcoming talent to "Make It". We are signing deals with creators specifically artists that we think have the highest potential to blowing up. Leballoo will be investing into their brand and turning them from local upcoming artists into major household names, also your music will be distributed on our youtube channel and other major platforms. We know marketing and once your on our platforms, expect nothing less then major numbers. Once you're our signed talent we will propel your content and get your brand recognized internationally.

How We Sign Talent

Paid Placement
If you're looking to just be more of a "1 hit wonder" and not a well rounded artist. This path is for you. After you pay for our placements (Spotify, Youtube, Etc) and we see good feedback (could be bad too. If so, we aren't signing you buddy) Leballoo records will have a private interview with the talent and see what are there visions moving forward and if we like what we hear we will consider signing you.
- The chances of getting signed are lower
- You'll not have any branding or any experience with our team 
- The talent will have a lower discovery rate and will not be a solid pick for our label. Which can hurt chances of getting signed
Leballoo loves shit that is organic bottom line. In this path we sign talent that has purchased one of our marketing packages and has been in our system for a few months. After seeing the consistent growth, our team and the talent will have an interview and we will decide if we want to sign you.
- The chances of getting signed are higher
- You'll already have solid branding because you been in our system for months
- The talent will have a better discovery rate and our team will work side by side to push and promote our talent to the next level
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