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IshTheTrapper Is The Future of Heartbreak Trap

IshTheTrapper is here to create music for the rest of the world to relate, laying his most personal feelings and emotions over a beautiful soundscape for audiences to enjoy. With a sound laying somewhere in the midst of rap, and rock, the Inland Empire native has been growing his numbers daily in the most organic way possible.

Ish's music has accumulated over 600k streams within just 8 months. Beyond his friendly, familiar vocals over trap-hitting hypnotic production, it’s his relatable lyrics that allow listeners to feel accepted and heart the blue haired phenomenon has been sparking the interest of record labels and A&Rs and it shouldn't be a surprise to no one if he gets signed within the upcoming months.

To fully understand why IshTheTrapper has been able to find such a loyal audience, it’s important to have an idea of his background. Many have referred to him as a “Heartbreak Rapper” and that is true — to an extent. IshTheTrapper was indeed born in Pomona, California to a Hispanic mother and Pakistani father, but he moved to Upland, CA as a child and spent plenty of time in a diverse suburban neighbourhood growing up. He then moved to LA and eventually went on to pursue music seriously while there.

That background is a big part of what has made IshTheTrapper such a standout star among his LA hip-hop peers. Unlike some of the city’s biggest acts like YG and The Roddy Rich, his musical palette is made up of influences from rockstar heavy guitar to melodic ambient. That might not seem all that important at first, but when you consider how he was initially labelled as “heartbreak rap” by many when he first came out — things start to click a little.

That experience of living in a white suburbia while having both middle eastern and hispanic roots is a life experience all in itself. IshTheTrapper cryptically addresses this on his song “Choppa Go Ding,” but you really have to listen to his music from a sonic perspective to get a real understanding of his influences.

There are the obvious hip-hop influences that inform his sound, but there are also some subtle emo and punk undertones that allow him to exude a different emotional vocal range than most rappers in his bracket. It’s not farfetched to think a lot of those influences came from being around young white middle schoolers who were probably listening to a lot of Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz.

At the core of it, IshTheTrapper is really a product of multiculturalism and while his journey to hip-hop stardom is far from finished, he already understands that you have to reach the youth in order to make the greatest impact on the culture and there are millions from that same youth pool who can relate to his look and sound that will continue to discover him in the years to come.

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