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Meet KrazyMut a Glowing Star with a Voice for the Streets

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Krazymut is a hip hop artist out of Decatur, Georgia. He has been rapping and writing his own lyrics since the age of 8. His love for hip hop sprung early alongside his brother, as they followed in the direction of their dad, Ghost 2.0, an underground hip hop artist. Krazymut started pushing to grow his music at the age of 16. With tracks like Marching, Best Life, Destined, and Chances, he has been able to reach hundreds of thousands of people with his music.

Roddy Rich is one artist Krazymut looks up to. Roddy Rich possesses a rags to riches story like no one else. His journey of starting from the very bottom and now becoming number 1 on the billboards, is one Krazymut admires and uses for personal motivation.

Krazymut  has many goals ranging from being a top selling artist on the billboards, touring the world to meet his fans, and buying his mother a brand new house. He hopes to motivate those looking to pursue their dreams. Some advice Krazymut would give to those hoping to follow their dreams is, “Never give up and never let anyone tell you, you can’t do it. The thing you’re doing can be your big break if you work, stay consistent, and be different. You will go far.”

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